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        AVLIGHT/Avlight, established in 1999, is a famous sound brand under GuoGuang Electric Co., Ltd. (stock code: 002045).

        In 2016, Guangzhou Avlight Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was jointly established by GuoGuang and the project incubation team. The company is headquartered in Guangzhou, China, focusing on intelligent audio and video integration related intelligent terminals and applications. And the team members are composed of authoritative electroacoustic experts, senior industrial designers, and intelligent hardware product architects.

        Although the intelligent Avlight is the beginning of the army, the professional team has inherited the technology precipitation of Avlight for many years, work hard to move forward step by step. This road is not easy, all the persistence and efforts will not be disappointed.



        2003 Audio-visual Technology

            2003 Audio-visual Technology

        2002 The fastest growing enterprise

            2002 The fastest growing enterprise



        Excellent young team

        Have technical research and development personnel with many years' deep technology accumulation, senior industrial designers, and intelligent hardware product architecture, together with rigorous attitude and solid technology, young thinking and artisan spirit collide with each other, to create an industry-wide intelligent audio and video integration ecosystem.


        The toughest test

        Have one of the largest electronic acoustic measurement facilities in Asia,“GuoGuang Professional Silencing Room”. From the beginning of the design, it has been used in all stages of product development. In the absence of interference from walls, floors or ceilings, the huge spatial dimensions enable the measurement of acoustic parameters.


        65 years of inheritance and innovation

        Let users hear a good voice has always been the soul of Avlight brand. With GuoGuang's 65 years of electroacoustic technology accumulation and a number of technological innovations, the products have an unusual high quality sound quality, can experience the enjoyment of immersive cinema.


        Perfect offline experience store

        Have complete Avlight offline experience store, combine sales display, after-sales maintenance, and customer experience as one, establish deeper emotional connections with users in addition to transactions, provide users with a good shopping environment and experience services, and increase the drainage capacity ability of stores.


        Xiaoai A1 intelligent audio and video companion, the inheritance of excellent sound linage from Avlight

        Xiaoai A1 intelligent audio and video companion, the inheritance of excellent sound linage from Avlight

        ''I prefer to regard Xiaoai A1 as an audio box, it’s the entertainment center of my family. Whether watching movies or listening to songs, it can bring me listening enjoyment with high-quality. Xiaoai A1 intelligent audio and video companion, it’s worthy to have!''



        Small body with big wisdom Avlight audio and video companion Xiaoai A1 evaluation

        ''Xiaoai A1's functional integration, the idea of cross-border audio and video integration, solution of solving sound weak problem of smart TV, open the Android system bottom layer and audio system communication, audio control interface humanized and easy to use, this design idea is worthy of recognition.''




        Once the sound overlord, Avlight intelligence will eliminate the traditional box

        ''It’s been too long to work in sound area, my ears already could distinguish the quality of the sound. Now I just feel that most of the sound quality of the video equipment outside has such defects.''


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